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Our Story

A self-portrait of Sheri

About Our Founder

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Sheri Ann Cook (yes, her last name and career are ironic) was raised in Brooklyn, New York. In an Italian family, food is its own religion. Trips to the greengrocer, a salumeria or bakery were occasions, not chores. Sitting down for Sunday dinner at Big Grandma’s house was an all-day event. From the age of two, she was in the kitchen with the great women of her family. They measured nothing. Love, discipline and respect were key ingredients. There were lots of hugs, criticisms and reminders about what it meant to be a family. It is with these principles she learned what it also meant to extend that love to her community.

A small dinner was considered to be 10 people. On holidays, her family entertained at least 40 people and, most of the time, up to 60 for dinner. The door was always open and food was for everyone. She was constantly reminded that food was blessed and it is our obligation to bless those in our life. Whether it was learning how to make sausage or a crown roast with bread pudding, everything was done with the idea of keeping people happy and healthy with good food and love. In keeping with those family traditions, we wish to share our love of good food and create new memories with you.